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We are an awesome team of IT Strategists!

Before we prescribe solutions we take the time to describe the issues. We spend time in your business understanding the challenges that you face at an operational level. Together with key stakeholders we create an IT plan that supports and enables the overall goals of the business. Working closely with your team we make IT the enabler and not just another road-block.

We are experienced with overall network design and connectivity, business process optimisation, data-cleansing and ERP implementations. But our real passion cuts across all of these. We call it “waste management”. We love to clean up and take out the trash and develop systems and process that are lean and fit.

We have a wealth of commercial experience in implementing the correct IT solution for SMEs. We work alongside IT technical organisations to fully develop and test IT strategies.  Our technical partners are Wyntec Solutions and we involve them in the development of IT Strategies to supplement your own IT and to sense check the approach and  methodologies.

Take the time to talk to us about where your pain points are today.

We listen, We plan, We implement, We improve. Repeat.

Philosophy of Success

  • _Concept

    When it comes to making a change in your business we commence with interpreting your requirements. We are skilled with the cut through to the core issues. You are reaching out to us for change. We start the process with describing two businesses: your business now and your business in the future. See what our clients had to say about Michael’s ability to interpret business requirements>>

  • _Collaboration

    We spend time to collaborate on ideas before developing strategy and solutions. We describe before we prescribe. This way key stakeholders are on the same page before moving forward. See what our clients had to say about Michael’s strategy development process>>

  • _Execution

    We are not all about just coming up with the strategy we have the team to implement and work along aside you and get our hands dirty. See what our clients had to say about 5ivestar’s ability to execute >>

A Premium Experience

5ivestar Business Services is a boutique consultancy focused on delivering outstanding value to our clients. We are a small team of dedicated professionals. Our core business philosophy is about making your business fly. We draw upon our real life commercial experience and know-how so you get a premium experience.

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