Outsourcing your finance function to a vCFO – Do you expect to make more profit or have them adding value?
We say B O T H – Why?
Come added value, come profit. Come profit, come added value.
By looking through your business product and services, performing an analysis and determining profitability rate, a CFO can determine which products will help the company grow financially and which ones act as an anchor to slow the company down.  These efforts will be reflected on the company’s income statement. 
The value a vCFO can bring to your business is second to none.
Pinpointing where the cracks are in your business. The value 5ivestar Business Services outsourced CFO’s and vCFO’s can provide are;
  • Better Cash Flow

Small business owners constantly deal with money coming in and going out, and at times during growth it feels like there’s more money going out.  An outsourced CFO will take control of the cash flow to generate more breathing room as well as identify future cash flow issues to proactively plan a solution.

  • Stronger Balance Sheet

Many of the key insights into a business lie on the balance sheet.  From cash on hand to debt leverage to net profit, the balance sheet can provide valuable information to the health of the business.  A good CFO will know how to manage the balance sheet to ensure the company’s health.

  • Consulting and Advising

It’s the role of a small business owner to be an optimist, to believe that they will succeed.  It’s the role of a CFO to be a realist, to ensure the company is able to achieve its goals financially to continue to operate.  Together, the two can make a dynamic team.  A CFO provides another perspective, background and experience to help the company strategically reach the owner’s goal.

  • Funding strategies

An outsourced CFO can play a key role in the relationship between a business owner and banker.  If a bank is uncomfortable with the numbers or data presented by the owner, an outsourced CFO can step in to prepare and provide the information the banker needs.  This helps foster a win-win relationship:  the business owner gets the funding he needs and the banker is able to provide the services he offers.

  • Financial management

Business owners wear many hats, but it’s critical for them to focus on their strengths.  A CFO will create processes, procedures and metrics to help track and manage the financials going forward.  When done well, this provides the owner with a quick look at key information that helps their company stay on track

If you’re feeling like the results of the business aren’t justifying the effort, an outsourced CFO can step in and focus on the financials to shift the headwinds to tailwinds.  Remember, an outsourced CFO works with your business for a certain amount of time, so you’ll continue to gain benefits from these efforts into the future after the contract has ended!

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