CFOs must be ready to adjust to a the evolving global marketplace.

With technology implementation, CFO’s must craft flexible and easy to update/change business plans and budgets, this can help companies keep pace in a fast moving global market place.

A key role in the success of a quality CFO is maintaining Data management. Many CFOs already prioritise data collection and analysis, yet are often faced to be forced to to make time for retrieving data and resources to be able to assess data.

Data analysis is crucial, presenting and implementing change from the data retrieved.

CFOs must lead planning across a business. If CFOs engage with different departments as they develop business plans, they can foster a culture of collaboration. Meanwhile, this culture may help a company optimise the time and resources at its disposal.

“Little time is actually available to sit around with an organisation’s business managers and understand what data tells you,” Hull noted. “We know that everybody plans … but typically, in an organisation, planning is led by the office of the CFO.”

Collaboration may dictate a company’s short- and long-term success. If CFOs take steps to eliminate departmental silos, they can make it easy for multiple departments to contribute to a company’s planning process. Plus, CFOs can reduce the risk of miscommunications between departments that otherwise could result in wasted time and resources. In addition, if CFOs prioritise collaboration, they can determine which technologies and processes can help bridge the gaps between different business departments.

Going forward, CFOs must take a data-driven approach to their everyday operations. If CFOs can retrieve actionable business insights, they can help a company determine the best ways to invest its time and resources. These finance leaders also can empower executives across a company with the insights they need to make the best-possible decisions – something that may help a business thrive for years to come.

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