Have you ever wondered why the gym is always packed on a Monday and by the time you get to Friday there are tumbleweeds rolling past the bench press? The lifters creed rule #1 “Never miss a Monday”. Commence the week well and the rest will fall into place. The same goes in business. It’s a simple formula really; Plan it, Do it, Review it, Rest and Do it again.

Agreed. Mondays are difficult. Here is why; you are not organised or have not planned, you are not motivated and do not have sufficient resources, you are not prioritising the urgent and important tasks appropriately, you don’t have a routine and you have not super-charged your team for success.  All this leads to procrastination … I will go to the gym tomorrow … for you AND your team! Tomorrow becomes next week and next week becomes a whole world of hurt when the deadline looms or passes.

Sound familiar?

So whether you are a Sole Trader, Small Business Owner, Director or Team Leader, take inspiration from all those motivated people at the gym: Create the strategy, identify the important actions and projects, have a daily toolbox with your team to measure the progress, collaborate with your team and your project or your strategy will be delivered effortlessly and efficiently and best of all, you will never miss a Monday again.

Michael’s insights are drawn directly from working with and in SMEs in senior finance roles for the last 25 years.  Michael has extensive experience with Strategy development, team collaboration, project management and implementation. If you need practical advice or assistance with developing and implementing strategy for your business, then reach out; you will be glad you did.